That 1 cause of Soviet mentality that destroys everything

Soviet mentality

Here is how Soviet mentality is build. When one grows up in among nasty, ‘mean’, ‘retired soldiers’ it is advisable to always keep one’s core out of an external sight and influence. The reason are firstly one will be humiliated in front of other ‘persons’, second he will be forced to quit whatever practice or views one had and might end up getting beaten up by the fully grown, bully, heavy muscular aggressor, who has lost his manners in the walls of the military service.

These monsters would have killed whatever an individuality a person could had. If you like to dress in special way, differently and distinguish from others they will put physical force on you. If you like special kind of music they will turn it down, if you like or feel that you need long hair, extended self-expression, you will be forced to cut it out. Soviet mentality is not something to be consumed by the rest of the world. As we know, there is no such thins as post-soviet. It is hidden in different masks.

They destroy everything

Tears are humiliated in such society, there is no ideology, according to them one does not have even the right for that. That is how things are. Such inhabitants are programmed to mentally destroy what does in defiance of the ‘common’ state. Soviet mentality is complete evil that humanity has ever faced on Earth. And it must be completely and irrevocably destroy-ed.

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