Speaking 1 certain language defines who we are

Solution is found within the talks
Language contains the attitude, information and background

You can judge the nation by the way it treats its language and its own people. Language can bring the freedom, or it can bring the slavery. There is a certain amount of actions are allowed per life. When people speak out their words, they have equal affirmations with their intentions and catch up with certain waves. It is to be active or passive.

Don’t waste your words on bluffing. At least, make sure to surround yourself with the right people. Because, even lies that is taken in place in our lives might have significantly impacted our intentions behind of what we say even if we didn’t mean something, without our admittance. That is a twisted unwilling surprise. This, is how we the people basically hurt ourselves. But they lied for the sake of protection, some of you might say. Therefore, to never waste yourself and end up in the protective statement, you have to surround yourself with the right people, not those who would try to screw you over in the first place.

The cheap person always goes out at the hot stake. He is easily affordable. Those who cost something and much bigger than they seem, will never sell their souls easily and exchange themselves for nothing. Approach of being used has taken literally everyone, today. Mind games have completely become the indisputable factor of our relations in the society sadly, and being ready to face them is what make people to survive. Sad, but true. Always filter those who you are dealing with. Those who are not worth it, will destroy you. The simple fact is, your language.

Language of war and aggressive attitude

The lack of upbringing and education creates unemployment and terrorism. That is a downgrade process. It’s just an animal that were brought by sex on the physical plane, at earliest has gotten a good examples of severe life, where there is no hope for humanity and decent life unless you take things roughly, without any explanations were headed to make a living out of accessible ways. The Middle East is full of it. Grown ass men attending the language schools of the nearby formations and countries that accepted them, and trying to fit in to the already overwhelmed job market that has no longer intentions to support and accept this nonsense.

There are basically no jobs left where you could easily co-exist like a normal human being with the society and make a living. In order to fight their views and die like men, they keep coming and trying to take your job. As a result, we witness unemployment and slavery. Unemployment creates crimes and even manslaughter in order to feed oneself. A bunch of terrorists are coming from the gulf of Middle East that is not willing to fit into the market legally. This mass is no match to the decent and proper society.

They have to fight their own battle on their own land, that strives to protect their mean values. And die if necessary. When they escape, and trying to bring their war alongside with them to another public, it is unacceptable. If you practice your religion and views, stay truthful to your code and get the proper treatment you deserve in return. The background is the code and information that has never been erased after. You carry that alongside with you. The war attitude and language must be preserved in the war zone only. Nowhere else.

Language of freedom and slavery

How the language is defined

Structurally, the free people always use the active voice in the sentences. I am, I do, I have.

Whilst, the other groups used to be referred like being called, being pushed to do something, etc. Free people would never allow themselves to be treated like that. They are initiative individuals that always know of what they want.

If Russians feel ashamed when foreigners speak their language, reason is they don’t respect themselves subconsciously at all. There is a proper enslaving behaviour hides behind it. That’s why they feel afraid of someone who can take their bowl of food away from them. They just got used to it. They don’t speak and claim their rights, they get the job done through the meal of food.

This is how you encourage them to move. Language let us express ourselves of how we feel, what we need, to please our expectations in front of the public and authorities. But this doesn’t work like that always. Sometimes it is suppressed deep down the soul, if they ever had it, and never let it out. This is the form of modern slavery. Some of them don’t even know that they had been enslaved.

The power of language consists of the ability of being widely spoken and is documented and presented beforehand, where also accepted by the public. There are no restrictions or bans. Children can express their opinions without worries of being suppressed by the elderly. People in general can criticize their government without being punished. If they don’t, they lose their freedom.

Once you lose your chance to express yourself, you can forget about your rights. They simply don’t need you anymore. Language is meant to criticize things as in general. If we don’t say things, then it means we are satisfied with conditions we were given, and overall attitude. Have your say. Speak out your truth. Let people hear your voice.

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