Spiritual boost 2 maintain the consciousness

Concern more on the afterlife cause life blinks fast for humans

Physical plane for spiritual boost

It is highly important to maintain consciousness. And spiritual boost will help in that matter. Physical body sooner or later will go down to ashes. Every action, every consumption is directed to this side and mentioning about it. The recession day is postponed. But is it the meaning of our life? To live like human beings, not some sort of species that imitate the life. No way. This is not how people supposed to run their lives.

How to be spiritual

Try to spend your days wisely. Focus on the most desirable things that you want to accomplish through the physical plane. Get busy with your actions.

Keep doing what you have been doing forward and never ever give it up. Because at the end of your rally you will get praised as a professional in your field. It will help for spiritual boost.

Through the physical plane we as people can express ourselves in our full potential that were meant to be exposed. This is the way of our honest exploitation. The delivery that significantly mark out our duties in front of the public. And as long as we keep moving forward with that, we create our spiritual boost that signify and maintain our consciousness awake.


Through the consciousness we comprehend of how things are flowing. What consequences are waiting, and how to deal with issues if we encounter some. We understand there are some certain physical steps needed to be implemented in order to achieve the results. And consciousness helps us in that matter. All the mental planes help to maintain the consciousness. And that is crucial for keeping your spiritual boost and background for the next incarnations ever after. Cause after the physical body passage, there are all the other spiritual bodies left that contain the gained experience within our essence that help on the passage to the next worlds.

The least developed and primitive forms of life don’t last long. Since they have no information on how to evolve and how to be more appealing. The most developed forms contain significant amount of information that helps them to manage their existence. Such species are seekers, gurus and extremely gifted people or indigo individuals. After we gain the full 7 spheres of our spiritual knowledge, we proceed to the next levels of consciousness going up deeper to the outer space of understandings. And the amount of spiritual bodies is countless. We can go up and up, until we take this fundamental life as granted.

Consciousness of self helps us to realize our importance in this world. And how deeply we can affect it with our presence. With that being said, we can acknowledge the whole power we possess that might build or destroy. Human beings have an ability to choose and pick in what direction to move. There are definitely the other forms of life deep in space, but they communicate within each other in a different languages. The language that goes far beyond of our understanding, we still have not possessed. Otherwise we would learn some new useful tricks from them. Those are the super senses of animals they have.

But that is possible only through the spiritual boost. As you can see it concerns all possible life spheres on our planet. The wise man can only get his abilities only through spiritual boost that comes along the path.

The driver for spiritual boost

Responsibility and knowledge that we gain throughout the life is what can be considered as a boost. One implementation goes after the other. When a seeker learns something new. It is a non stop process. When the information is collected, it lets to understand flow in the other plane. Such as a mental one. Through the understanding from mental planes we can see on things wiser, much more efficiently. Hence, it let us to perform with wisdom and not with wastage.

The more people are spiritually boosted, the less we dump our system that we live in. It is extremely important that in the end humans will only deliver wise solutions. Spirituality is a part of us. Make sure to apply on all your actions with consciousness. Because, we pay our dues with actions and performance committed on physical plane. And how we committed our actions will signify whether we will spend our resources wisely, or not.

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