7 Spiritual layers of human beings

Spiritual layers

Gurus say there are seven spiritual layers of existence by spirit. Seven layers of spiritual life of this planet. Second spirit which is ethereal layer of the body uses the 5 steps of breathing technique. Those are inhaling, holding, spreading, exhaling and cleaning. It might also be called as ethereal spirit, or ethereal sphere of existence. But all seven spiritual layers are connected one another, through that breathing technique. Breathing technique also protects inhabitant from the external affects, such as dangerous creatures who left their body identities on physical world, or initial magical interference from intruders. Nothing and nobody can affect it, because it has all the 7 layers of existence.

On the third level, there is the lowest and highest astral worlds. On the highest one it was mentioned, happens a thinking process. Emotions and feeling responses are in the forth (or first Mental body) examined. As far as it had been mentioned, the first physical (whole) body has a protection layer from the lowest creatures. Those creatures are from Ethereal and Astral worlds.

If a person suffers from the delirium tremens, he might face those horror creatures that are chasing a victim for energy, that are truly exist, due to the lack of his protection of the first fourth level of existence. It happens when one drinks that much, where consequently his protection layer erases off significantly. Perfect time to get sober. Anyway.

More distinguished spiritual layers

The 5th layer responds to regulation of the body in the deep sleep process. They joy and bliss, the feeling of completion being experienced by the 6th layer of mental existence. Full reflection of the spiritual form of essence happens on the 7th layer of existence. That is a full, so called A matter form, the highest matter existing in the universe, obtaining which, helps to transform to another dimension of existence through the point, where the sun happens to appear. Important to mention, that the black hole is the portal to the lowest universe, which has only 6th matters of existence.

And consequently, it makes that hole, their sun that has almost the same functions. At the 7th level, some person supposed to become a fully well developed inhabitant with all his spiritual layers collected, that make him an enlightened individual, which happens very rare.

Sometimes people might face ghosts, which consist only of three-four spiritual layers. They are totally harmless, due to the lack of the rest of other spiritual layers in the body. There is no need to be afraid and scared of, though. All they can do is to convince people into actions, that can only help them to achieve something. Usually it is energetic make-up by donator. Mostly, they need to be reincarnated in the next embodiment, and they need enough energy to be potentially be strong and more developed.

Spirit is fit to external influences

As for the lowest horror creatures, there is a self protection act happens by the spirit, when the dangerous situation is coming up. For example, a person has become asleep having some active dreams, whatever is happening there it does not matter. Then suddenly, he falls down the tube that is so long, but the falling is so fast that he surprisingly wakes up.

It means his entire spiritual layers has saved him from the dangerous situation, where one could have been captured and ended up being eaten. Which means one would never wake up physically or any other way up again. A spirit was escaping from the potentially bigger and horrific crouching creatures that tried to follow him up and literally eat. So one’s spirit automatically saved him from the death.

This factor explains two things. There is a protective layer by a spirit that triggers a person to escape from his unconscious dreaming. And second, those creatures evolved that smart enough to hunt down the less protective preys.

All 7 spiritual layers can be obtained only by humans.

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