Stagnation still happens. 2 many victims

Natural implementation

Stagnation is what going to be encountered on day. There are some temperamental people that do not and did not produce the fundamental technologies or variable forms of transportation for humanity. Though it is commonly known that almost every country has their assets and facilities. Those people did not produce them, but exchange them for something they have valuable like energy resources or else.

What did they formed though, is how to survive in their specific environment relying on behaviour, mood, common sense, customs and fundamental priorities according to the natural location they exist at. If schools, explanations or regularities did not help them to manage or administrate the local crowds, then in the upcoming courses went strict and mean rulebook, where inhabitants had no choice but to obey that book, even though it was contrary to common understanding and did not resonate with their passions.

However, till this day throughout the world people use new technologies of other countries who has developed those facilities. But other people with tribal views did not refuse from the obsolete rulebook. Stagnation. So, they try to bring the old rules to a new world. That is a stagnation. Though, it does not work today. Technologies being updated and renew the old principles and introduce new knowledge based on people’s common sense and behaviour. The rest just accept it. Otherwise, such people will look medieval in the eyes of the civilized world.

Freedom of expression

Every single person has the right for self-expression, lifestyle, political and global views, despite the formidable rulers and dictatorship. A person approximately inhabits from seventy to eighty years in life. He must have known how things and the world works. So, he can drop his sight to cosmos (up to the space), from where everything on this planet follows the cosmic rules. It is just an opinion, that a reader can agree with it, or disregard it.

The new knowledge must be based on physical and scientific proves, where it resonates with inhabitants, and people would not have any questions on how things happen certain way. If some person will try to approach another one with his old-fashioned rulebook and ‘moral views’ on how should first perform on his daily life himself, there must be examples.

How should he clothes up himself and how he should talk and behave himself in public with no stated explanation and/or scientific prove whatsoever that first could totally agree, he would definitely laugh at him, no matter how serious old-fashioned guy would present himself. Another thing whether he tries to forcefully convert him to it, due to stagnation.

How to prevent stagnation

All religions will fall down one way or the other. It is not even a matter of a time, it is a fact. Everything goes in a globalized direction, it is improving all the way up to the cosmos. Where there are trillions and trillions of civilizations out there, that are somehow overstepped the threshold of underdevelopment, or stuck up in the stagnation.

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