Stick 2 agreement that previously been discussed

Agreements make our businesses and life run

And it has an impact over the certain legitimacy

As long as that foundation continues to exist, we have a deal. Agreement is being based upon the known facts and experienced background. Upon the signed parties that met both requirements. The facts, resources that has been known to a person previously help to create an agreement. Then, one performs on what has been introduced, presented in an open and accessible way. Afterwards, imply to actions that were expected. It’s all have some certain dates to execute.

The business dealing must always have a solid foundation behind it’s base. Otherwise, it will not last long. Paperwork must be respected and performed prior any meetings ahead. And dealing is based upon the dates. Violation of agreement (or breach of contract) leads to penalties that were mentioned in the agreement as well. It is done to let both parties know of what is going to happen in case of violation. Then goes the signature of the agreement.

Violation of agreement within the countries brings more serious problems firstly for the victims of the ruling elite that violated the deal. Such government must be responsible for its’ commitments, since it represents own people that voted for it. Hence, the transparency is essential in such cases. Billions are become of waste in a matter of minutes. Such funds would be helpful in the healthcare service and other needs for people.

Family agreement

So applies to a person who cannot agree with his destiny, that has not been able to think outside of the box, when occasion was taking its place. As a result, we have unexpected consequences. Agreement must be thoroughly discussed within the parties of a country, community, family. If there has been no trust within the family in the first place, then initially one or many persons within that recognition of a family, were aliens.

They had been mistreating badly. They were not welcomed from the beginning. So it was very difficult for them to find the common language from the start. But all the details must have been discussed before any movements and actions, so there would be no surprises and claims whatsoever. When details have been discussed and made an agreement, everything will be fine.

Stick to agreement when dealing with people

Agreement implies to undercover all the secrets and responsibilities ahead, as well as the rights of what party can or cannot do. Dealing with people is a lifetime process. And putting signature is a must practice. This way we will avoid unpleasant situations. It is especially important in the world that full of scammers and burglars.

How to deal with people

You cannot trust people just by discussing couple of things prior to actions. As always stick to the discussed agreement before making any operations. By that, you are showing your intentions and awareness of not being scammed beforehand.

Safety is never too much to have. If somehow they refused to put a signature under the agreement, forget about them. There are almost 8 billion people in the world and growing, that are competing with each other and would gladly to accept your offer. They would most likely to work with you instead. Never insist on your terms when people obviously are not willing to cooperate. Save yourself from disaster in the first place. Respect is everything

Agreement between parties makes our life better. It delivers the new level of etiquette that community must meet and follow. It shows the respect between parties, prior any actions committed. It is the engine for economy that serves every single creature existing in our plane and brings the chances for those who want to honestly express themselves. Thus, it is important to be well educated and aware before signing any papers. As a matter of fact, the life itself requires you to be that mature.

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