Stocks in genius republics. Brainwashed 2 the bones

Prepared ground for stocks

It is not a secret that the stock market is the global equivalent of the top notch. Wise players operate only from within their comfort field zones of integration. It’s a plug and play mode. There is nothing else to be concerned of needed. Factories and corporations produce commodities for the market. Stocks markets brings the profit.

The easiest way to earn the royalties is by selling stocks. If a low class country allows to build a factory within their zone, then they are smart enough and clever to get on what agreement they sign up to. To take and bring the profit for their guests and themselves by taking advantage over their own people. That is a management of the bastards who do not hesitate to rob their own people. On the other side, these people are dumb enough to agree for such treatment.

Stocks in communist republics

The developing countries, and those who stay below the line, are out of the game of the stock exchange platforms and sales market of the big players like NYSE, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, GSPTSE, AMEX and other world leading stock equity exchange companies. However, their inhabitants are brainwashed by the government with patriotic bullshit of a village that one day can take over the city, where it has nothing to do with reality. And only confirms the rule of the global trading market that only supports the working system, which had been build in land before the beginning of times.

And second, such people agreed to be that dumb. They are so busy to invent something on ‘their own’ that forgot to open their eyes and use the brain instead. Even though, it will take forever to build something valuable for the public, and try-outs to impress the world, they still will continue to beat around the bush. Pathetic club. No chance for them to pick a piece of the royalty. I don’t feel any sorry for them.

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