Strangers and family members. Huge 1 difference

Strangers should keep on going

Intentions and hunger drives strangers. Something that they never had, is what makes them move forward, towards your borders. What they don’t have, they will never be capable to create it within their grounds. Therefore, they decided to take it from youse, the hosting side. How come you expect when someone can take your tax dollar from you, when even your own people suffer, and not always have an advantage to use it when needed? This is beyond than strange. Totally unfair to your own people. And in this way, you cannot expect the honest treatment from yours. All because of the strangers that were taking advantage from you.

The only condition under which strangers can be welcomed, is when they are no longer the strangers. Everything says about it loud and clear. Name, background, religion, views, plans, attitude, intentions, political statement, budget, and how many one is bringing them along with him. That is how it should be done in the written and signed form. And in case such statements would be violated, there is no need to discuss what to do. Strangers should keep on going the other direction and never try to intrude the foreign house. The home is one. Newcomers are limitless. Thankfully, such market is never on the run out. But home has borders and always will.


It is never recommended to mingle with them, because they carry that attitude within their genes. They couldn’t build their homes back there, so they decided to bring their misfortune alongside, mix their disastrous content with others, which means to bring their bad luck. If you look at those places they are coming form, it is usually the Middle Eastern zones. The chaos, war, disputes, unrest, discrimination, inhuman applied acts towards minorities, all that luggage is coming up with strangers.

The real host of the house would never allow such things to happen in his home. It means, they never were founding their peace of mind, and place that could be called as home. All they can, is migrate as strangers trying to find their home. But home always requires contribution to the safety and prosperity. This is what these strangers lack of.

The huge difference

what is the difference between strangers and friends

Strangers never share the common ideas within hosting public. They look aside their own way, and will do what they intended to.

Strangers never share the common ideas within hosting public. They look aside their own way, and will do what they intended to. But, they have to pay the price for being an attention and making some troubles. Saying intentions is the prerequisite of the etiquette. Strangers shall not be met the way they were met. What makes them strangers is the wrong fact. Since, there is no bad or worst people, they must be recognized as somebody who were misled that made them unconscious, blind foolish and stupid.

What connects you and strangers is the one-point correlation. There is always one point of correlation between the parties to interact. Use the language of strangers, that they will understand it.

Family members

Those who are standing above us can still affect and manipulate our activities. Maybe it’s because they carry about us. It is just us, who allowed to treat us this way. If there hadn’t been family, no one would dare to tell you what to do. The complete frivolous behaviour from yours.

Preserved house, is the best priority of all. Clean, protected, well secured, well governed by the educated and smart people. What else do you need? The entire world is full of actions and unexpected surprises. To move forward as a nation, we need a stability being led by the good sense and wise front men. Yes, men.

There is nothing discriminating about it. If you just look at how many men and women out there are running businesses, you will be surprised at the percentage ratio between these groups. It’s all about the talents and being gifted to take the leadership, not the gender factor. With that being said, true leaders are in need to carry on the nation with the same ideas, same attitude, and essential priorities.

No one is closer and better than those who share your ideas and believes alongside with you. That’s the family members and those who are in charge of protection. They are those who will admit your efforts in dignity and will pay the proper respect back at you. Thanksgiving, Xmas, and all the Christian celebrations point out louder than anything else of why the family gathering is important. It is the party for all by all. Where respect and dignity are praised. Strangers do not have the same values.

Background and foreground

The background of an individual is connected to the future events of that very person. Whatever one did in the past is directly affecting one’s future. In the case of strangers, they have not completed their duties and tasks on time, which pretty obvious made them strangers. They are simply escaping from their unfinished duties. Karma is never letting them leave and is hanging upon them like some specific reminder of who are they and where are they headed to.

The insect will not speak out humanly out of a sudden. Firstly, it must encounter the long way, before it will become something like human. A lot of incarnations and mistakes must have been surpassed before one can claim its legacy. There is no the other way.

The strangers will not become of the same identity as home individuals, since they have chosen the wrong path in the beginning, and do not share the same goals among those who have clue of how things work, they just keep going. Let them go somewhere else, not to the already established and constructed grounds, where the new views appear to expand the powers way farther of the regular comprehension.

Let them establish their legacy by them. For this reason, it is their personal responsibility to evolve by the right path and not being involved in the harmful activities that might hurt accepting hosting sides and somebody else. The incomplete past is directly affecting the completion of future. It will continue reminding that something is not quite right. Whatever has been started, always needs to be completed. Only this way we can proceed to the next level.

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