Stupid and ugly formations 2 consider

Stupid and ugly never learn

Stupid and ugly formations create mystical and strange laws to worship. There is no way stupid and ugly do not deserve of what they have. Every person was given a gift from birth. Everybody is gifted somehow. Some people have brains to conquer the world and create valuable things, some people have appearance to charm the world. However, if some didn’t have anything from birth, they start to use their physical domination over the rest and create mystic laws to worship and justify their actions. It is made to fulfill their needs of the mass. Who are constantly looking for the legislation of their existence.

Innovations, technologies and democracy are expanding within the speed of a bullet. Medieval times still exist somewhere, though. Imagine those who were blockaded for a long period of time and has not seen or creative and useful things much. What would they do if they face such new challenge? They will try to justify their actions and create mystical and strange laws that go contrary to overall comprehension and existence. Such formation cannot move forward with the rest of the developing world. Karma will put them right into their place.

What is hiding behind the mystical and strange laws is the core of destruction. What goes against development, carries destruction. Brains and beauty live in harmony. Ugliness and stupidity is the curse of been or doing wrong. And they rightfully taking their place amongst the global society. They will learn only by mistakes.

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