Stupidity. Don’t play with 1, or you will pay

Responsibility for actions

The spread of stupidity

Stupidity can be cured. There are not much stupid people as it might seem. Either they pretend to be so, or they are recognized by somebody. To fix that up, there need actions initiated by themselves. Mostly they are criticized for not taking actions in the present. The actions of the previous generations who accidentally were stupid themselves in the past. And till this very day, have no guts to admit their failure and do the tasks all by themselves. This way, those who are called stupid, must leave the role of the guilty, clean up the position and move alone.

They are no longer the busboys and the filth of the public to be aware of. Let those with the big mouth stress alone. We will see how smart they are. No more intimidation by the fore hosts. Today everybody is equally free and well aware of what is going on. They admit of taking responsibility for their own actions. There are just not enough examples of the species, yet. Bitter examples will teach them some lessons. If they truly exist, they are not in huge numbers.

Stupidity became tradition

Naive and stupid folks who resist to open their eyes will go down as the most pathetic and miserable tryouts who never sniffed the true swagger life in their career, as it may sound offensive. That’s referring to the sorts of people who are likely communists, lifetime beggars and other lunatics who are out of sense, the world has ever witnessed. First they loose their home, then they loose their identity, then they simply disappear.

How cool is that? They have chosen that way. It is mostly happening with the Central Asian formations. Such as Russians, Kazakhs, Uighurs, Tatars etc. They love to be enslaved. In fact, they like to be treated that way. Worst of all, they bring up the same generations with the same mentality around to be expanded and immigrated abroad. You can imagine what sorts of people messing with the rest of the world. Someone must put an end into this stupidity.

Let them run their show

Former soviet television stations fill up their inhabitants’ heads with bullshit, propaganda; do not hesitate to lie and are trying to busy them up with monkey business, while at the same time stealing up more resources out of the land to the closed circles, providing nonsense to others and the rest of viewers. Certain families take up the governance of the formation without borders. It is all operated from the Kremlin. They simply support terrorists from the enclosed countries coming in without obligations. They just don’t realize but one day they will even loose the sovereignty.

However, the majority of people don’t give much about that. Moreover, they support their regime that exploits them. Let them keep their jam on then. The longer the exploitation is continued, the longer the mentality of a slavery keeps one existing. Alternatively, the other civilized world is developed in the right direction making sense of what we are made for. The rest are trying to follow up the leaders by playing stupidity. How long are they going to do that? As long as their heritage allows to. Genetically saying, millions of years. The change is going to be at their own expense. Don’t play with stupidity, or the cost be high

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