Super senses that animals have 2day


Some animals might be the guides of the upcoming future events. Dogs. They can precisely feel the mood of a character, fear and what’s weight of a man stands in front of it. Behaviour in accordance with reaction, because mostly fauna relies on their instincts. Dogs can even predict, when a person may pass away, or see others’ spirits. Illness, seizures, cataclysms just to name a few.

Birds. A general believe existed, if a bird defecates on a person it brings luck and wealth to him. It’s all matter of a cosmos flow. Animals might be that channel, through which humans can rely on those features as well. Also, various folk tales say such examples, which proves it to be legit.

When it is a common fact, it is spread through the nation. And science today must have examples when some animals demonstrate its’ incredible outstanding abilities. They even have super sensor skills to feel ultraviolet radiation, Earth’s magnetic field.

Underwater world

Amphibious and deep see marine world also is different from the rest. If a mankind unit tries to plunge into the water and opens up his eyes underwater, he will see another dimension of the underwater perception which is completely different from his understanding. Which had been also experienced by those inhabitants. They have different perception of the ‘land’, different abilities to react and understand their world and simply communicate with each other. Animals have their own languages.

If people will try to comprehend how other worlds exist and perform, they would face another ways of cosmic flow. Either one imagines, a flying device resembles a floating ramp, using primary matters only. And other forms that would improve a transportation system and communication methods. There is a 90% of the world’s picture existence, people cannot see, using only their 10%. To be able observe the rest, it is needed to research on living forms, how they survive, what kind of energy they are using and how effective it comes out. Abilities that fauna possess are the super senses, though people do not have.

Animals demonstrate their phenomenal capabilities. Not every creature can express itself that way.

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