System teaches by giving examples. Not 1 individual shares

What kind of system teaches

A person can learn things only through that system teaches, gives examples, one is interacting with. It is a home of a public that has a significant impact on a person. The vibrations of a public significantly affect an individual. It is very difficult for a person to resist against the system. Only people with great potential and strong core can resist. But this happens rare. Only people with the strong will can find their path for the better solution and liberate themselves from stagnation.

One cannot teach another one on how to perform things by intimidation. It will only go against the system. You can waste loads of time explaining one person how one should behave, treat, and serve it will not resolve the issues. The issues of not having slaves to serve the system. That is why people have common sense and a good will to criticize or put away if necessary. However, imitations over the mass take place from the early childhood till the very old age. That is another system teaches over the people.

A working system teaches to behave people one way or the other. The common system that shows good examples practically succeeding on things will teach the other. But the bad examples will only oppress people. They will try to find the exit. Oppressed people are never happy. All they need is liberation. Whether its good or bad, the rest of society will follow live examples trying to make satisfy their authorities.

That is why it is important to give a proper education at early stages, so they can compare and make judgement upon. The perfect social group can give a perfect example on how to behave, how to debate, and most importantly appreciate the freedom. This is where the system grows and gives good life examples for the rest. It is important to have it perfect beforehand so the system teaches perfectly.

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