Taking care of people. 2 Examples

We become stronger by taking care

What is the life made for, if it’s not for giving the love? Mostly people live for taking care of beloved ones and maybe sometimes of those who deserve it. Plans, actions, intentions say only about that. Even after burgling or making a big job, they plan to spend it wisely and carefully. All the actions are meaningless if they are not for realization of plans.

There are our most beloved and important souls around us inhabiting. Taking care of them is our duty. By expressing our love and care we make our lives better. Also, our love will not go to nowhere, and it makes it worth spent efforts.

How to take care

Never hide your love to the closest ones. Because, only they will appreciate your behaviour in the end, your essence and your sincere feelings.

The brave souls have been given to those who dare to fight the vicious. Bravery takes a lot of courage and strength being sacrificed for. Such soul indeed cannot be broken. And what drives that soul to be buried is the chance of taking care of beloved ones. Such sacrifices were made to have the great system of taxation. By the taxes we are taking care of those who need it, within the borders. Healthcare, security, protection, education, jobs and services.


Little world is a good thing to start of, and having it taken care of. It is a best example of how we reflect the world around us and how we reflect into it. This is basically shows how we want to see the world flowing. We become of what we do. And that reflects our identity. By taking care of someone, we get the same treatment back. Good on time investments help in such practices.

Natural background differences

The bigger you feel yourself responsible, the stronger you become. In the mean, physical, nasty world it is more than essential feature needed. People can be nice sometimes. But its not going to work in the financially poor zones where inhabitants simply don’t have money to pay up for commodities, basic needs and all that stuff. They just rely on what they had.

There is a reason why there are more businessmen than business ladies in the world. Speaking of comparison, even women eat less. They have thinner skins. Their muscles are atrophied. They don’t act much. Sensual attraction is within the body, to attract a man that will take care of a family. Masculine species tend to act much tougher and wide open. That is simply nature. The language they use is short and simple. And you can’t do nothing about it. You just deal with it, or you don’t.

For a woman it is easier to rely on a man, since the man is always hungry and will act just naturally. Either it is her dad or a husband. In today’s world of convincement, the business simply means selling. Who is much taking care? Obviously women.

Bad boys always have a mess

They simply are trying to mix their background with somebody’s else. They are looking for justice. Perhaps, something was wrong in their past. By bringing troubles on others, does not help them to solve their problems. An enclosed circle. This is a payment for them. Never encounter business with such people. They are playing by their rules. You are playing by yours and they simply will win over you, no matter how hard you try to. Basic instincts are ruling over them and call off to actions. Victims never let wait to be treated by them. They are taking care over themselves.

Good boys taking care of what has been given

Good boys don’t have problems. They live in harmony with themselves, basically. Such people are really carrying. Through aquariums and fish tanks we can see the little worlds that might have been created and being taken care of. The little world that you can take care of is where all starts. Whether its pets, fish, or county farm. Good boys are taking care of all of them. Carrying people are the rarity nowadays.

They are the real treasure to find among the rest. If you, lady find one, this was the chance given to you by the outer powers. Make no mistake about it. So much easier to mess with the wrong guy, and suffer the rest of your life. But very seldom it happens to cherish truly those who deserve it.

Taking care to build unprecedented competitiveness

Taking care is about to build the base for moving forward. With all those commodities provided by the government, it is to take into another step. Where people can more freely express themselves and enjoy beautiful things. Investing into own people is the great deed. Knowledge has never been so important and crucial in making competitiveness. Competitiveness against tyranny and enslavement where humans are no longer people, but units.

You cannot get busy on taking care for those who waste their lives for the sake of entertainment. There are fighting clubs all around, knocking off each others’ brains out just to prove they have had heart and courage to face problems. Problems are everywhere, like with unemployment and the lack of medical service to those who are in need. Making people to fight in the cage is not a solution. It brings down more troubles. At least, make sure to have, or your ancestors have invested into your medical insurance and you will get a proper treatment after. Because, nobody will care about you if you are not in the list.

Invest into your brain capabilities and healthy programs by recreation disciplines instead. That is an another level of taking care.

Well established economy can be well enough on taking care of itself. There is no need to depend on others just by selling products and services all around. If territorially big formations think they can strictly rely on export capabilities and then demand equal respect and treatment from the top class players, they are in the false state. Great economy is not only consisted of exports. It is also investments, stocks, currency, status, standards and overall attitude towards people.