Tasks 2 perform. Have in mind your great strong priorities

Stick to your plan and have priorities

Tasks. One or the other way we the people end up surrounded by our family and sweet home with us. Whatever has been bothering us before for a very long time is just becoming something smaller or melts away entirely. People are destined to meet their fates. They can all act tough and strong around, but it will not change their fate a bit. Karma matters. Karma is not always about something bad. It can be good either.

If you were born with some good conditions to begin with, it means you were a good person in the past life. You have much more resources to spend around and make your dreams come true now. You can just enjoy yourself in this life, or you can dedicate yourself to something important and significant for all. Such things might be the science, politics, volunteering, internship on projects, etc. Whatever you start, will be easy for you.

Pursue the goals

Achieve the goals that always inspired you, because that is the purpose of the present life. By setting up the tasks to perform, we clearly visualize our priorities and slowly but irrevocably are moving into it. Having tasks to perform in mind helps us to get rid of the boredom. Since a human being can choose on what tasks to perform, it’s all about priorities one has in mind. Whether one decides to think and plan things ahead, or to get excited with affordable relaxation take offs. But one way or the other, he may become bored with it. It means something more important needed to be done prior any other activities.


Never listen the naysayers. The world is running according to the tasks to perform, and is stuck to the presented plan. You cannot rely on a luck. You have got to have the tasks to perform according to your plan. This makes you organized, warmed up, and confident.

There are always distractions coming along the way. Speaking by the artificial distractions, there will be miserable leftovers who try to distract you from your success. The thing is, you are doing your job to become successful, they are doing theirs by preventing to not let that happen, totally forgetting about their own tasks for their sake. This is the difference between you and artificial distractors. In the end everyone will be granted according their efforts. As for the natural distractions, don’t get bothered with that. If something belongs to you, anyway will be yours.

Set the tasks to perform

To get something you desire most, you have to make it possible. Dreaming and doing nothing doesn’t help.

How to perform your tasks

You have to sacrifice your time, dedication, efforts, strengths, attempts, funds, everything.

What is the purpose of life then, if you just hanging around for nothing? Working for someone else and doing their tasks will not bring you anywhere. Surprises and gifts by the fate are not always pleasant. You should take what belongs to you. Therefore, you set your tasks to perform to get what you want. Step by step you always getting closer to your goals.

Don’t waste your time on building others’ business

Work for yourself. Don’t waste yourself on somebody who will not pay you back enough and appreciate your work. Disrespect is totally unacceptable. Have your national identity and never let anyone humiliate you. Whatever that country might be. Your proud makes you free and honourable person. This is the core of life, basically. Don’t take peanuts for an exchange of something more valuable.

Don’t waste yourself on miserable things. Take what belongs to you. Even by planning the tasks to perform will make you eventually take what you want. You don’t have to ask permission of taking something. Such is life. Gentle people sometimes end up in nowhere, and must have only small enclosed circle of friends that deserve trust. But even there, they will betray in the end. So you go and you take what you consider belongs to you. By working on someone who doesn’t appreciate even your existence, you are committing a suicide. Those are purely racists. Work for yourself. There are too many greed individuals who are looking for a dunce like you. Life sometimes can be very mean.

But it teaches you and put you in the right place. Don’t feel any shyness if they cannot read your mind. Life is performed here, in the physical plane. People speak out, talk, communicate, shout, fight, kill to prove themselves. There are no mental games unfortunately. To escape unnecessary consequences, make sure to have your statements very clear, beforehand, short and serious. Don’t play games, people are not worth attention. Life is the jungle. That’s how previous generation made it. And you have to be able to survive in it. Either you take the prey, or you become a victim. This is how you grow up, and realize there is nothing better than working for yourself.

Unwilling guests from developed countries

Weak countries and formations never pay enough to the lowest personal. That’s why they are considered to be as enslaving zones. This is due to the lack of democracy there. But the worst things happen when citizens from the rich enough countries come to such places and show disrespect. Those are some douches and scumbags, indeed. There has got to be something done with it. National proud always wins. And no newcomers will take advantage anymore from them. Those are the tasks to perform. Clean up the policy and never let the scumbags to come in ever. This is referring to the developing countries. Never forgive. Be accountable. And never be in debts.

Priority of being nationally recognized is important. Nationalism is sometimes necessary. This is why you need smart but simple people. Something to take a look at it is worth. In the Middle East, by the sharia law, if someone has insulted you without any reason, there are 2 options left for him. Either, he must excuse himself for what he did, or he immediately must die. As straight as that.

Such kind of place would not take insults anymore, wouldn’t it. Now that’s how people solve their issues. Isn’t it simple after all? Maybe. But the place that never encountered such attitude will never understand it. This is the problem. One place can be too radical, but with basic demands. The other, can be freely expressive, but having not an inch of self-respect. Which one is right, everyone will make his own conclusions.

Having tasks to perform is important. And it is also important to identify of what you truly stand for. There are 3 kinds of people. Those who enjoy the life, those who solve the problems, and those who do them both. The 3rd kind are the kings, and always will be in demand. By having tasks to perform joyfully is equally to solve the problems with pleasure. Such kind of people will enjoy the life and make the world better place.

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