That 1 religious victim card

Victims of religious fans

Religious fans always love to complain whenever their faith were dignifiedly put in the right place. They start to appeal to the common laws where they were caught red-handed. Using the modern civilized latest commodities, they even dare to curse its masters. How hypocritical is that? They litter in the house where they live. Because, in their empty ideology there is nothing for the human civilization to propose. Emptiness. These animals want to grab everything one handedly. But end up in a short miserable life from over-saturation or lack of it.

My compassion goes to women that were born in such places. Although, I do not share their religious and political views, but feel pity for them. They are the most disenfranchised beings among them. They are not allowed to express themselves and do too many things. Sometimes even get sentenced to death. A creature that gives you life do not deserve such treatment, whatever reason there is. How come they can pray after all and expect not only miserable existence but also even bless from higher power? Complete utopia.

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