Time stops at the 1 central spot of a pyramid shape material

Natural ability of time stops

There has been an interesting conception went through on how the time stops on planet. According to one system there must be simple certain forms that make primary matters being stopped. Time stops though. Pyramids tend to stop the time (or slow it down) due to its shape. The flow of matters coming down from space in the tremendous speed and hitting the Earth clipping the ground, while the spread-out of it goes perpendicularly accelerating the flow again, making the hit spot retarding circumstance.

That central spot of a shape is the time slower momentum in the pyramid shape itself. That is a perfect fulcrum on whatever you plan to do. Whether its innovational science, massive production or even health care. Flowing matters from outer space coming all over the place. But the pyramid shape can have an affect on time that it will be slowed down. And it happens only in the central spot.

If you observe the ancient Egyptian pyramids you will find out that they tend to preserve things inside of it for the long periods of time. The time stops or literally is slowed down.

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