True individuals are always independent 5 stars

How individuals are defined

How individuals are formed? Nobody is ought anybody nothing. Every creature is getting things according of what they are capable of. Worms are crawling in the mud deliberately searching for the food. People are sitting at home and expecting the welfare. If one is sitting around and waiting that somebody will come over and give it for granted, one is absolutely delusional. You go and you take it by yourself. No one is ought nothing. Blaming someone that your conditions are not good enough is pathetic and miserable. For the beautiful and perfect life you come out and bust your ass 24/7 while you are capable to.

Think of it, because when you get older, it’s gonna be kinda quite late to think over. This is why you see a lot of old men frustrated in life. They didn’t commit their endurance enough when they could. What mistake young generation does is focusing on relations and outdoors first, totally forgetting that this thing is not controllable and you will get your particular spouse according to your actions and your attitude. Building your future is what makes sense. This is why people need to concentrate of what they want. And they do their job to get that.

If your job at office, you sit and work what’s needed even the long days and nights, but it must be completed in certain set dates.

How to become an individual

If you working for someone, make sure that your rights as an employee are not violated. This is how individuals are formed.

Having jobs is the right of a public, not the privilege. People need the true liberty out from the bureaucratic regimes, oppression and tyranny. Transparency in tax dollars that are spent and collected is the good solution to start from. Direct investigation and following of the money spent will reduce the corruption schemes and fraudulent operations from the highly authoritative persons and those who are in charge of making deals on behalf of public. If you want to succeed clean, you need to have the house clean first. People strive to be independent from all sorts of abuse and oppression. And nobody out there can prevent them from it.

Independence has no limits. In the future individuals will be independent out from the governmental infrastructural watch. There will be no needs for assets, fundings from authorities, since an individual will be able to support oneself from the will of the public. That day is coming and actually in process. Everyone is going to be free, as long as their talents are implemented. Royalties need only to support oneself in the physical and industrial world. If there is no need to support a person physically, there is no need for supplication from outside.

The spiritual essences need bodies only for development, that would eventually be capable of plenty of things thereafter. If the spirit can live and evolve without physical plane bodies, there is no need for such bodies. The physical bodies are strictly dependent on Earth supplies and cannot function without them. It is important to understand when having the deals in the spaceship programs. Today we have a couple of space companies. Tomorrow it will be much of them. And this is thankfully to individuals.

One man stand economy

Talented and gifted people can manage the masses with their investments, contributions, and interactions. Such people appear very rarely, and they are truly individuals. Even the companies nowadays can have more GDPs a year than some poor African country. And it can be operated by one person in charge of a CEO. Such company can have more recognition in global public scale than the some regular banana state, and as a result, receive more investments.

It means the obsolete and old rules are no longer functioning nowhere. Nobody will invest their time and money into the dark, unfaithful and unreliable business. It’s simply not worth endeavours. You need to get the public recognition first, in order to be respectable, trustful and well known. The reputation plays the biggest part today. Lies and tricks will be exposed and will drop one down so hard, that one even will not be able ever to recover.

If authorities do not listen

The government is always having control above the main sources of income and the public. Everyone is submitted into it and providing the great support for the life stream. Everyone is paying the contribution to the public purse. But that doesn’t mean everyone has an access into it. Which means there is no guarantee that absolutely everyone will get their fair share. With that being said, there must be precise surveillance and observation of the funds spent. Riots and strikes are less effective against corrupt governments, unless the huge damage will be occurred on infrastructure and economy. In that case, the entire country will be wiped out due to the inability to function. Only strong individuals are in help.

Independence is not free

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot to get something in return. Independence and freedom are not free. It is gotten once for the good price, and forever. First, you declare of who you are, and your rights as some individuals. It is really important to have a recognition. Then, you produce something that is valuable for all and in demand, where you can sell it. Consequently, you protect of what you created with your label. The more people recognize you widely, the longer your legacy keeps living.

With your own business you contribute the taxes more willingly. You just freely do what you like the most. With your own business you can live in any place you like. As a matter of fact, it is the cornerstone of attractiveness of paying taxes in order for one government to survive. The only thing is, try to pick much less corruptive country or company, so you will not get frustrated while working for them. Individuals know how to pick right.

And here we see the low prices to establish for one sort of lands, and high for the others. Corruption as a form of managing, makes the lands cheap and incredibly unstable to invest in or have any business with. Hence, we can witness a lot less high standard economies where you could actually settle yourself up, and much more a bunch of insecure and unreliable formations where whatever you start or do will not make any good. The taxes spent there will never find its’ places and even will be stolen.

Your independence starts from the firm legislation. Where absolutely nobody, not even a single living form can take an extra advantage of the same public or take something that doesn’t belong to it. This is the home of the free, and the land of the brave. The taxes are spent to support it’s own perfect system. Those who concentrate on miserable things and spend their lives cheaply irrevocably deserve the cheap life. The very one person fights for it’s independence, no one is going to bring it to him. This is how individuals are formed.

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