Trust and it’s 1 cost of share

Selective trust. Keep your mouth shut at all times

By spreading information, you going the one step down in the matter of a social hierarchy structure. Those who get informed never hesitate to use that information in their favour. Sooner or later they will use it against you. This, is how people end up on the streets or left without jobs. Having your important information and trust shared with the public will not make any good to you.

Having an idea and realizing it in life takes more than just motivation. Nothing and nobody should disrupt you from success. You can share it with your closest people, then they will share it with its closest, and so on. The news is spread. Once they are spread, all your plans are gone. How can people affect you? Not everyone is willing to hurt you. But stay away from envious individuals.

Haters and envious people want interaction with you, by saying all their nasty things. Do not take it, do not have any connections with them. To prevent unnecessary and unwilling results just say your closest something different what you’re busy with. Even the family members can hurt you without expectations.

Learn to trust only yourself. Just like fictional character of Robert de Niro once said in one of his famous movies of Goodfellas: ‘.. Always keep your mouth shut. You told them nothing, they got nothing’.

Follow this rule. Spread information can hurt us severely. Try to keep your mouth shut at all times, and you will not end up frustrated. Say what they like to hear. But nothing more. This way you will learn to trust that one person who will bring you eventually happy. Yourself.

Information’s matter for trust

Remember, today you can only trust yourself and the hosting information driver computer through which you have a monitor interaction. Computers. You can only rely on them always. But never to people. Never trust anyone even if they say would never betray you. The lack of a good sense creates uneducated masses that have no clue of what is going on with them.

As a matter of fact, they just are wasteful material that sooner or later will be going down to nowhere. Will they sleep well after all? Mostly, not. The feel of guilt and conscience put things right in their places. One or the other way they will end up with public justice and everything will become transparent.

The ill-wishers will take it into consideration. And will not hesitate to use it against you. Don’t you dare to share your information upfront. This is a mean and nasty world we live in that has come to this point so far, where nobody and nothing can be trusted. Whenever the information is shared it is all up and running.

How to earn trust

As you can see it’s all about information. Those who possess it, will possess the world.

Trust only computers. They will almost never let you down. Collect the information, and share it only when needed. Not all people are ready to face the truth.

Everything is according to a plan

As long as information is collected and gathered, it is being implemented by path. Everything runs according to a written plan. Even the biggest enterprises and governments are following their plans. There might be exceptions, but they happen rare. Plans make the goals to be achieved. Make sure your plans are not open to your enemies before implementation. It is not wise to let your enemies know of what you going to do.

Once you shared your plans, it is all over. The life is wasted. And you will become someone’s puppet. Don’t commit mistakes. Sharing your plans with wrong people might cost you even life. Try to trust only yourself. Life is not worth risking by encouraging people treat you better way. They are all busy making for a living. There is only one person that will take care of you. That is yourself. Plan ahead, implement strategy and be happy.

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