1 undeniable reason to have respect for animals

Have some respect for animals

Respect for animals is an essential part of life. If you praising an animal, which is obviously struggling its way to gain the essence for enlightenment and express its feelings, that animal will thank you through its understandings, emotions and the world which connected to it. Since we all existing on the physical plane on Earth we still can interact with each other. Eventually this factor will bring you festivity in the form of abundance. Or it can punish.

To be certainly clear, it must be the fact of a praise. Since that form of life has a brilliant connectivity within all sorts of inhabitance, it will definitely connect with the other. Trees, animals, stones deliver that information better than ever. Nothing is going to be disregarded and omitted to nowhere. Surveillance work even in nature. And humans are the most objected.

Animals cannot lie. They know the price of being full of dirt. Hence, the most developed form on the planet that creatures want to be and look like is the human being. More developed form than human is up on the space. That is a different level. And here comes an understanding of how cosmos treat humans here. They also have respect for animals, but this time people play animals’ roles. And how good we have our respect for animals here, the sooner we will eventually become the space civilization up there. As simple as that.

Today animals tend to be smarter than humans. For instance, they mate once a year. They preserve life force energy within themselves and spend it wisely. That is a good reason enough why we people should respect them just for that. They have almost perfect senses which help them to operate within their own existence. They know how to protect their lands from intruders. They are well aware of what humans are capable of, better than humans themselves are. They perfectly fit niches in the nature. So, let’s not forget about our little brothers and have some respect for animals.

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