Undisputed social interaction within 1 simple cognition

Social interaction for good will

Social interaction is significant part of modern society. Recognized manners meet social norms of one groups over the others. With communication skills people are able to co-exist, send signals, understand each other and proceed to help. However, sometimes people are tending to argue with each other on different points of views. Argues escalate to confrontations.

Does the talk itself considered to be confrontation between individuals? Or it is a normal common state? Maybe. But somewhere it is shockingly normal either even to fight, physically confront and kill each other just over someone does not agree on some point. So far they recognize it as a formal interaction form of communication within themselves. Here are the traditions at its core. Let them work it out between themselves, then. The rightful stance will keep the on-time pace. Natural selection will take care of it.

Somehow the talk is confrontation but less destroyable. The cosmos leads people to self-realization, self-survival and self-completion beyond social factor. And even the forms of communication tend to change it’s way of run. With technologies we can easily share our opinions wherever we want to. Social interaction has never been so easy.

One way or the other, individuals will be separated alone. Each by a side. And people must be prepared for that one day. Such kind of social interaction is no doubt is very safe.

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