Universe. 1 way to leave the planet zen

Universe. According to an old Indian system, and cosmic statement, there are certain amount of living essences existing on our planet. The most enlightened are leaving the planet’s border of existence earlier. The least ones and those who have lost their identity in physical world (like dinosaurs, mammoths and other creatures) fit to life in their world, consuming the less protected living forms.

Laws by universe

The less developed creatures have more duplicates, mirroring its’ masters. And they slowly develop, one by one. A human soul approximately is about 10000 years old. That is how long it takes to become a full human form. A human being is the most developed and intelligent creature of all on the planet Earth. As well as in the universe. And slowly descending by the evolutionary ladder, people can see other living forms decreasing in their life expectancy. That happens due to the fauna is different in it’s quality and features. However, flora sometimes demonstrate exceptional examples.

Sequoias might reach even 500 years living mark. Though, they live in a slow-motion pace world, looking from peoples’ perspective. Everything has a relation towards each other. And all strives to get on the right way. Again, the most enlightened are human beings. They are able to gain critical information than usual species due to their ability to have a will, and consequently leave this universe, to successfully go over to another, more developed dimension of space. However, not everyone would come up with that.

Natural approach

Some people have strongest and weakest points. All abilities are pointed in one direction. Direction of enlightenment and bliss. One way or the other, they strive to achieve that goal up through the universe. It’s good if it goes without extraneous victims. But, sometimes they sacrifice their spiritual constituent, in exchange to the achieved goal. Everything has its’ effects.

Those who has left the borders of a universe, move into a more developed dimensions of the new universe, and enjoy their life in full as of with blissful creatures among. Others who could not leave it, stay and reincarnate again, to complete their spiritual layers of an essence, correct mistakes of previous lives, and cure their karma. This is how you deal with nature.

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