Try 2 avoid unnecessary elements. Medieval groups exist

Unnecessary elements

How to get rid of unnecessary elements? If there is someone trying to push your habits on their religious basis by oppressing those who does not share their views, you must be clever enough to avoid such circumstances. By avoiding I am not saying you should give up your home. First, do not let those elements reach you physically, whatever the price is. They are totally unpredictable and out of control. I had times when destiny put me to their layer, I had to react in fulminant.

You know, when such elements do not see modern world light, due to their lack of social education and very limit closed lifestyle, they become angry, brutalized, offended by the whole world that someone is more developed well brought up than them, then follow wild actions that do not follow their responses.

Second, foremost when the conversation takes place do not show your fear to unnecessary elements. Its just like taming some wild animal that trying to take control over you. Don’t have any doubts about what you say, look strictly in the eye. If you don’t, anything that might refer to you as the victim will constantly follow the chance to physically diminish you. However, during the talk when that element was not been able to convince you to accept his views and religion, will go attempts to convince you physically. Yes it will follow if nothing disturbs.

Do not fear unnecessary elements

Take a deep breath. Realize, there’s is no step backwards. That nothingness will try to crouch to you unnoticeably, when the conversation was over. That’s a fact! Proven. Anyway, when you see that again, take all your furious anger deep into your eye balls and be ready to strike first. I swear to Cosmos, when you do that, that disgusting muck will going to fear you, it will think times before proceeding to any actions.

It will start over to convince you. Just turn over and proceed where you headed. I got the slight punch to my elbow which was not a big deal. Though, my dear readers try to stay away from such places. You will never help them, nor they can help themselves.

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