Value of people. Freedom ain’t free which easy 2 understand

Value of people. Straight facts

The value of people is counted on their ability to pay and collect taxes. If they can’t, they might be considered as slaves. And there is a reason for it. Since they don’t want or cannot organize up enough to build the honest society, where everyone is responsible before each other, then they can just be considered and treated like sheep who need their own master. Such a pity when people cannot collect taxes and make their lives decent to have free healthcare, affordable luxuries and overall basic needs.

All responsibility goes to that master. One person, one figure. It is not even legislation. That is dictator. He will pass away in the end after so many attempts to keep his legacy on, though. Which is not right in the first place. Legitimacy can be only brought by the solid constitution. And that is what defines the value of people. The ability to follow the common regulations that eventually ended up in the form of constitution. The constitution helps people live freely, to obey it and follow regulations, like to pay taxes for the common wellbeing and protect the borders.

Borders play significant role in organizing that chemistry. Without borders there is no country. Every single alien can take advantage over that country and even hurt people. Those who did not consider about these facts will suffer long way after. And even thankfully to borders people can follow regulations and pay taxes. Those are 2 important aspects that citizens have to pay utmost priority every single day. Especially, in this fast growing population time.

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