Vedic traditions were truly preserved by India and no 1 else

Vedic traditions

Vedic traditions need to be more widely recognized. A person has the right for statement if one can prove it. In the statements of Levashov, he claims that there had been the Grand Tartaria empire on the place where the Russia is now located. It was a “great empire” according to him, that experienced betrayal in the governance. Well, there is no one to blame, but themselves. At the same time Levashov accuses Indian gurus for not announcing that the knowledge that came to Indians were from the North, in spite of they were custodians.

How come one can say that? If it was betrayal that ended up in splitting an ’empire’, then who let it happen is guilty not the other side, obviously. Vedic traditions help to distinguish the right things from the wrong ones. And have filly been brought by Indian gurus. And only by them we have beautiful mantras and knowledge that help to orient in this world. It has always been like this. May the peaceful sky be above India, forever.


Second, Indian gurus were the knowledge keepers of Vedic traditions, even for that only fact they must have been gratefully thanked. In today’s world Russian Federation (or simply Russia) keeps not very positive political tendency after all. And it’s about the overall attitude they have towards the entire world. They shoot down the passenger airplanes with full of people, like it happened with MH-17. At the moment of tragedy in Malaysia, Russian people were making comic shows out of it and cutting jokes about such a cruel commitment and tragedy with their favourite stand up comedians. That lately passed away for a good reason.

The true traditions

The slag and sick society they are indeed. And you cannot expect anything better than full disgrace on humanity carrying such decease as them. They never been the keepers of the Vedic traditions. The cosmos has a tendency of selective feature abilities. And how can one proclaim itself a great if it does not have an inch of respect to others? Here comes an understanding on how so called ‘Grand Tartaria’ had been declaring itself. Killing and enslaving neighbour folks to build their lands. These so called Russkies will never have a peaceful sky above them, never have they built a trustworthy society, and will always get the deserving fate.

As a matter of fact, they are not friendly with each other. They love to hear how great they are, but only among themselves. Moreover, they don’t like hearing accusations from the outside. They are arrogant filthy animals above all. I’m looking forward to support the movement against their entire political existence.

It is never advisable to have any affairs with them so far. Cosmos and time will put things rightfully where they belong. The true knowledge will help us to bring the justice on all the plane of Earth.

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