Victims of marriage. 2 parties 4 strong relationships

Keep it financial

Whatever the outcome of relations is, both parties of marriage one day become the victims of relations. The only thing they should concern of, the end about all of this. If the whole lovely run was worth it. And the child must not suffer by taking all the responsibilities of parents, that has been left over for future. That’s what happens when they get divorced. Divorce is the part of every marriage that was not brave enough to witness the financial aspect of a union. Of course, if they appeared to be united. There are a lot of victims of marriages people are becoming today.

The problem strikes first those, who were not ready to face the full beauty of relations and family life that is hidden behind the sparkling moments of sex and whatever else might be. Mostly, problems hit the family in financial aspects. That’s not a secret. They were not ready to break things down beforehand. In return, parties cannot support the family. What was the cause of it? The lust that were hiding the problems and hidden disregarded. Since they both committed the act of intercourse, they must admit the full consequences and potential problems approaching the family ever after. The financial aspect makes them the victims.


Don’t play with sex

The male person will take his extra role-plays somewhere else one day. But not the lady. It’s so easy to play lovers, yet so difficult to support the parenting role in return. Sex for impregnation, is not something you commit and forget the other day. You bring the new life that is meant to experience this path. Don’t you ever think about making abortions. Abortion is even worse than murdering. In the murder you cut off existing life. In abortion you take off the potentials for a soul to bridge into another life completely. The spirit or essence must finish off the transition to the physical plane or get back to it’s statement.

Both ways at the expense of the spirit. Otherwise it will become the prey for the extinct creatures. It means 1000’s of years of incarnations are gone. Forever. There you have new victims. To get rid of the child is the worst karma that will lay upon you, the lady. If you not suffer today, you will suffer tomorrow, straight down to the Low-Astral sphere definitely. Facing extinct forms of life such as dinosaurs, mammoths or any other creatures will not make you happy. People always know and admit what they do. They just swallow that delusional pill drunk, which never helps them to get over and judge things clearly whatsoever. They fully admit the justice over them.

Both parties are the victims

How to marry wisely

The act of a marriage expects responsibility from both sides. If they were not ready to face it, they suffer by consequences excessively after.

It concerns those who did’t calculate things ahead. Consequently, they became victims. If they had children, the victims of marriage become their children.

Smart men over women

It happens rarely, but occurs. Initially men are active over in such relations. They propose the first and they take the big piece of a cake from the common royalties in return. Usually young women are dumb enough to figure out what’s going on before they lose what belong to them. They become the victims of relations. On the other hand, they don’t bring the meal on the table ever since.

Smart women over men

Act of marriage is the celebration of a lady over the victim of marriage. Unless one is not young bride. When the pairs appear in public, everything is stuck on her attention. She has got attention of both, she’s taking the top of a cake, she’s the bride treated like princess, she’s the face of the family, she’s responsible to make important decisions, she’s taking the semen of a man up and brings it lively public after, she’s sitting home and watching after HER children and is expecting a great treatment in return. And finally she’s the closest person to a child of a man.

Now look and tell me, isn’t it unfair after all? There we have a lot of men victims. And finally she’s one who decides to divorce if something will go wrong. What takes the man in return? The pleasure to impregnate the potential mother of his child. That’s it. Nothing else. Isn’t it unfair? Yes, she might be physically weak after all to be fairly accused, but that’s doesn’t count when they both shaping the family. What do they share when they decide to break up?

All his clothes and maybe a cell phone will remain with a man. That’s why he becomes a looser if one marries. So what should do the man in return, to not putting himself into such a disaster? There’s a solution. Instead of, one should turn his skills into creative energy. That later on will make him independent.

Solution for victims

The only thing can help is to talk through things ahead, to preserve the funds ahead. Even though it can take decades on list to plan, sit down and break it down in the written form. Write down what are you going to do in the next years, immediately before any proposals. Break down the contract if needed. How much money are you going to spend in the next ten, 15, 20, 30 years. Where exactly you are going to take that amount from.

How you are going to spend it, holidays, celebrations, vacations, everything. It must be included in favour to avoid future disasters. Think of it seriously. Visualize everything upfront, like how your children spending all that money, and how you going on vacation to Japan or Europe or somewhere else. It helps not to get you into traps beforehand. Stay away if you are not ready for marriage. Victims pay more than twice.

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