Views shocking. Boiling by 1’s own

Different views by all kinds of cultures

Different views. People subconsciously feel the trace of war and destruction on others, cultures, interaction and try to stay away from them. Certain actions leave a trace on spiritual bodies and human’s essence, one can feel it in the mood, habits, the way of talk, overall attitude. One just does not want to experience those people have. Some people used to be proud of how they or their ancestors have conquered another people.

What is associating with destruction cannot be related to creation. Never it was and never will. One can even feel that is some cultures, where decades and centuries there had been confrontations. Those cultures get proud of killing others. Such a shame is taking place. And they try to encourage other people to follow their examples. Most important aspect is, these habits go from generation to generation, keeping that decease alive. By generations such views keep existing.

When one contacts, interacts with such people, he just feels sick and not comfortable, which is legit. Intuition helps to prevent undesirable atmospheres, by getting rid of that place. One simply does not want to experience the same they have, and eventually turn to one of them. One can just try to build a mental wall between him and those people, if it is impossible to leave for some reason. Everybody has their own way of life. And must boil in their own culture, views, trying to find the right path of development, if not willing to mingle with a host social group.

For example, one does not like a western culture, but cannot live without their inventions and technologies. Hypocrisy at its finest, isn’t it? There are many more living examples exist.

Humanity as a whole formation cannot let it happen inside, if it dares to become a space civilization. It must precisely get rid of such practices one way or the other. If one view becomes superior over the other, it must be praised and accepted, while the other one must accept it’s weakness and change it’s direction or disappear at all.

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