Vision. Effective planning ahead. 1 Management

Without vision no progress

Vision. All troubles that people experience are due to that people still making mistakes that face each other. It means nothing has been done properly yet even in XXI century. All those methodologies, project management are waste of resources, energy and time. If it is facing problems, how can it be effective? It means it needed another solution, approach.

People are still struggling with their lives, with the service they encounter. Not everywhere, of course. I am talking about developing countries. Somewhere the goals were set wrong, somewhere they were set right, somewhere there is no goals at all. An individual is just floating all by himself, relying fully on luck. But one can always choose when, where and how to use that luck on time.

The management was set all wrong beforehand. Those who have the guts to face problem properly, have the courage to solve it primarily. No matter how poor and small that country is. If it has a vision it will surpass any difficulties. Vision takes courage and will.

It requires from person a courage to face the difficulties.

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