Weak state. The cost of being 1

The price of being weak state

If the right things had not been common priority for the sake of public security, it becomes a weak state. Wrong ideology produces unpredictable forces. Such forces can destroy that very state. Weak state cannot take a full control of the governance. It just impulses reflexes to stay on the lane that cannot fix the problem.

It is a spread tendency, if the government cannot supply enough for its own people, they start physically interact with each other, by seeking the solution. Because they have to survive. And mostly not quite gently. Criminals, out of law practices, injustice towards women and disabled people arise. Those people who do not deserve such treatment suffer the most. No one out there can defend such people. Who is responsible for such tragedy?

The overall public who had allowed so, that particular national identity, which has chosen such government to rule above all. Those very people will take all that responsibility among each other. The whole damage goes right to these people for not being able to say out loud troubles and prevent them when it was necessary, to fix problems when they were capable of, to perform necessary actions when they had forces. At right moment they will just pay the price for being weak. Nobody and nothing can help them. Only lessons through the self-mistakes will put them on the right path.

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