What 1 development should people be nicely following

The savage way of development

Development is a main priority. People can take things rough and tough. But, there will be consequences after. The most dominant and severe species might take control, but, it will make others to migrate. Minorities with XXL chromosome and people with disabilities alongside with women will not be able to claim and protect their rights within the public. Moreover, they will become the victims.

That’s why its important to announce the rights of people of all kinds no matter how strong or weak they might be. And those who take the lead, should listen to their voices. Because if they don’t, it will payback on them. Severe people become the victims and slaves of their own desires and demands. In such case there is no development.

Soon after they try to justify their actions by the aggressive behaviour and take more than they can digest. Consequently, they become the enemies of the rest. The enemies do not face the tolerance from the developed public. They end up in disaster. And of course, the price will be way bigger to pay for development.

The mental path

How to get development

From the moment we born till the moment we die, there is only one way of consuming this world. Mentally.

And by mentally I mean complete comprehension of processes on this planet, so it will be easy on the way out. Irrational thinking might bring people to collapse. Hence, we understand of how things are going with the all sorts of societies and public. Comprehension comes along with us. We were meant to be civilized and be understandable. The outer space or temperature affect inhabitants in certain ways, though. For example, in the Middle East people are known to have excessive temper and extremely high reaction abilities.

It did not help them to build the decent society where all the groups of people could easily coexist with each other. It reflected certain understanding that the hot weather severely affected their state. Anyway, they can work it out all by themselves. The mental way in the Northern pole makes people think and realize how to survive and make things better in the world. Since the cold weather has been affecting them, it was making people think, to use their brain capabilities to survive in the frost. Which consequently brought the development,

Hence, we can see how far the Western Europe has come with its civilization and brought the science and development into it. As a matter of fact, the whole world is following such path and making efforts in the right direction.Wastage. From the development perspective being physically huge is irrational. In both aspects mentally and physically. While young, people are bullied of being skinny and being humiliated for not being like other mates. Then one goes to the gym. However, meatheads are wasteful.

Even in the governmental method of persuasion, S.W.A.T. team recruit most lean, fast and light in terms of effectiveness, individuals that will be in huge demand. Even in such perspective it is good to stay lean and healthy. Geeks are not welcomed in the backward countries. Because they don’t need development. They humiliate physically weak people and those who suffer from the lack of hormonal balance in the organism. Basically, it is society and system that tries to make one retarded as long as they can. That’s because of their ego and false status among each other. They have to set their priorities right before they can claim their place among developed society.


People cannot live without evolving themselves. And the more external conditions will affect them positively, the better. With the open sources and temperate (or better say moderate) climate conditions people can observe and analyze things around them better. This will lead to the new fields of science and much more progressive evolvement. There must be no physical involvement between each other after all. The highest form of life on planet is human being. Therefore, this specie must acknowledge such path in full priority.

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