What is heaven? Why gurus easily head 2 heaven

Heaven on Earth

Heaven is a place of crystals in various of colours. Crystals have been living here millions of years, way before a human-being came down to Earth. Throughout the time crystals have gathered all the information and knowledge that true seekers will find useful. They have passed through themselves and witnessed so many incarnations, and most probably adapted to the life flow. The life flow is basically driven by crystals.

All souls that passed through the physical life, end up in heaven. They co-exist in the new world, cooperate, influence to the physical world and plan to re-incarnate in circle again. Normally, spirits born in a good condition, just like any other living essence in space and cosmos, that normally co-exist with other forms of life and nature. And if they did not commit anything bad and disastrous they proceed to one of Mental spheres of life, which can be considered as Heaven. From 1st to 4th.

People sometimes interact with their relatives in dreams, who had passed away and get informed on how the outer life out there is looked like. According to them, in Mental spheres colours vary from green to purple. In our Universe there are seven-spheres levels of life. 4 Mental spheres, Astral, Ethereal and Physical world.


However, if a person did something against the natural flow, like taking someone’s life and terrible things that goes against the natural flow, at the end of life he will be directly headed into the lowest Astral (Hell) where all extinct creatures survive one over another. The strongest forms like dinosaurs, mammoths and others has been adapted to life, apart from the rest who serve them as nutrition. Being eaten by extinct creatures means death for thousands of years, where the simplest forms of life will start over their journey and try to incarnate into human form back again. That’s the cosmic flow of this Universe. Maybe there are another rules in some other universe. I don’t know.

Nevertheless, the heaven starts from green, goes to blue, dark blue, and end up in purple colour. The reason why gurus will head to heaven is simple. They gain essential knowledge, carry and delightfully share it with the rest. They have truthful cosmic and natural knowledge, comprehension of the world laws. These are people who strictly rely on Earthen facts. They have ability to clearly express their knowledge with other seekers. And have grateful intentions beyond that.

The so called heaven is where all are responsible for their own actions committed before life. The place where the future tense is maintained and applied to the following present tense downstream world. The place where mainstream of the cosmic matter flows there beforehand. And the place which is the nearest to Cosmos. Hence, it is more developed and interacted with gurus.

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