When it comes 2 pick a deal be revolutionary wise

Who are worth dealing with?

The self-consciousness comes from generations to generations. If those who only did destroy and abuse from their life experience, they will pick that karma alongside with them. The background says a lot. People carry information like no one else better. The mental background of treatment one had gained will carry it out in the future. The pick of a gentleman must be wise and thoughtful.

How to be wise

Promises, obligations and fantasies are all left behind before the actual deals. The cost of a specimen is defined by the actual demand of it.

How much it does worth without lying. If they were able to sell themselves to you, then you are dumb enough to pay for them.

Even relations between two people is a market platform negotiation process. The actual price is always hidden behind, and never exposed till the key moment. Being able to face it right off and verbally point it out, deserves respect. So if a lady wants to carry out the positive genes, she must be well picky and well informed of whom she is dealing with. Those who were practicing destructive policies behind, will carry out that ability alongside with them. As simple as that. And vice verse, creative and hardworking underdogs provide the positive trace. Sometimes, people might be hardworking, but having some bad reputations.

There are a lot of good examples nowadays. A person might be intelligent enough to learn the skills on some networking affairs, but having some evil intentions behind his back. Those are intelligent criminals. Anyone is doing of what they are capable of. But the time will show of who was doing right and who was doing wrong after all. Men perform, and then ladies pick. The allowance to pick and choose is a deal warrant that is left for a choosing person. There is nothing else a performer can do.

All of what can performer do is to say ‘are you agree on dealing with me?’ That’s the deal between two parties. Never need to rush though on picking the right candidate for the role. There is always a big choice. Don’t stick up to one character. There will be many more. This is why it is important to preserve the firm abilities to pick and be critic towards the candidates. Civilization will cure itself with the right attitude and the positive atmosphere. It is that one backbone, that makes us strong, joyful, positive managers who can handle any troubles along the way.

Whom to avoid? Pick wisely

Those who come from the Middle East. They are destroying our civilization. By the massive immigration, they spoil our spaces and place we used to live at. Just look at the zones they have come from. Every bit of a land became a disaster zone. Only sands, bullets and blood. The “true” hosts of these lands who never allowed that happen. It means, they are corrupted to the bones, and bring that genes of destruction alongside with them. Do we want to see it in our lands? Certainly, not! The only tough fighter for freedom there is Israel.

It is surrounded by the mean and barbaric formations. Such formations have been build throughout the centuries of the mean power, and wild attitude. Those formations understand only pure applied forces, in a wild and loud pace, that has nothing to do with etiquette, manners, calmness, ability to understand the fallen, carry the overall common peace of mind, and create useful and meaningful things for the public. Nothing else. Moreover, they speak by such kind of attitude. The funny thing is, they do not understand each other, which makes them more ridicule. As of the politics, the whole civilized world must support Israel in this very hard times for them.

It is them who suffer today, and experience the tensions in the region. Thus it is important to unite with them, against those who oppress them. When you pick someone to deal with, it is on your own discretion. And the consequences are truly put you in the right place. There is nothing to be ashamed of, if you like certain types of species. But please, do not make pay those who will try to take responsibility for your actions and have warned you beforehand. To pick or not to pick, that is up to you.

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