Wise direction for strong 1

The strong approach

There is a common rule, if two people started dialog, they will probably try to trick each other up. It is due to the wrong human nature understanding, where the strong and weak trying to deal each other. If a person, without any cause started to hate another one, it means the second seemed to be stronger to him and he was jealous. He could not deal with it. Showing the hate is a way to express its’ dissatisfaction and disability to handle it.

There is no way a weak person can overcome the higher one. Only smart one can do it. Emotional demonstration of discontent and play on the will and actions of the tougher might help, but only for a short period. A weak cannot enough make himself to become strong, he will remain weak. Conversation might convert to an argument. An argument might convert to a dispute. Where the strong will be able to control it, and turn it over to the right direction for him.

One cannot choose to be born or not in a weak society. But he can become strong. The strong is a way of life, where he goes beyond and against the rest, who are weaklings. One does not fear anything, but he can change a lot and all around else. He can simply plan things ahead, and react on his path accordingly. One has got the power, that can influence the others around him to act certainly. One knows how to effectively distribute his potential powers into his profit and favour. The entire life is in front of him, where it is necessary and essential to put his stress on. The older one gets, much powerful he becomes.

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