Your 1 fate is solid fixed. Unnecessary things coming

Consistent workflow


Fate is something that always around. There is a moment comes up when the certain group of people or nation pay by the debts. It is inevitable fact. Everyone will pay their dues, as long as they commonly share public debts. Your obligation as a citizen is to pay your debts on time. Everything is going down that priority. As far as you create the urgency to possess something, you can sell things well.

By selling things, you pay out your debts and duties. Since you are the unit of a big enterprise you have to deal with it. That’s your fate. By creating things, you allow humans to consume them. The perfect social organism will evenly allow you to fulfil your obligations and faithfully divide shares through each individual in it. The quality of a product defines your ability to early get rid of your debts, as a unit. It’s important to stay active. Obligations do not disappear to nowhere without actions.

Inactions and passiveness put you as a wasteful material, unit, cell in the other’s hands. Like a bio robot, you going to perform tasks written by someone who is not interested in your freedom. You just disappear on the pages of history. Since then, nobody will take in account your personal needs from the public. It is impossible to live separately from the developed public. But such public must recognize you and your needs in the face of reality as a respectful unit, if they do not go contrary their needs. Not always everything goes according to your plan, but unnecessary things are coming up surprisingly, you never know.

If you will duck contributing your obligations by fate, you will pay ten fold later. Nobody and nothing is going to be left untraceable and unnoticeable. Everything is recorded on the next planes of your body, and then nicely reflected towards your actual existence. You will get exactly what you deserve. Since you are the part of a big nature, the cosmos, everything you do is not against or contrary to it, but according to it.

You are just nothing more but a little cell of it. And nobody punishes you as hard as yourself. Just remember, at the end of a day you want to have full house of luxuries, beloved ones near you, and clean chequebook. Your actions or passiveness today defines your future outcome tomorrow. Sneak behaviour never helps. One or the other way it will turn back at you. Accept your fate.

How to know your obligations? Have a clue whom you are working with.


Always choose to whom you sympathize more, carefully. Mean, cunning, aggressive, dangerous people are everywhere. You can smell and feel them. But consciously you admit, whether you deserve to be treated this way or not. That’s a smell of fate. You cannot simply trust them without careful investigation and risk your business. That is your obligation as a professional, though. Sort people out as far as possible with who you are willing to work with. However, nothing will change your fate, it is fixed. Even those individuals you facing have a certain role in your path. It is about exchanging vibes.

Once you start worrying about that person, you are sharing his troubles with you and vice verse. You get all necessary and unnecessary things along from that person that has been attached to him. Acknowledge the fate. Sometimes you learn something from such people. In the mean and nasty world, everything becomes a teacher. You do not have to partner up with everybody. Every individual is experiencing his own fate. In the end one will be left with the partner one deserves.

Whether you working alone or with partner, it is always you at the end who is counting the profits for yourself. Everyone wants to get their shares, in the end. Every partnership comes to conclusion. You start your business alone, no matter how many common ideas or different partners you had, you will end up alone with your business. I would suggest you to focus more on your business rather than companions.

The right partners will find you anyway. And once they found you, you set the rules and how things are going down. Form yourself up first. Don’t concentrate on looking for friends. Because if you are not perfect enough, they will take advantage of you. Learn to respect yourself first, then people will respect you. Your relation to yourself is in your hands. And even though the rest is not in your control, they will start reflecting to you according to your attitude towards yourself.

Focus on yourself. What do you want to possess? Never get limited by narrow sights. And do it. Move towards your goals. Your obligation is to have your dreams and make them come true. Your desires are not limited by anyone except yourself. Hence, you have to think big from the very beginning. Humans being changed all the times throughout history. Real estate will never lose its’ values, since population grows unevenly towards it. If you don’t possess one on time, you become the legitimate slave of the others. That’s the harsh reality. And the farther we go along with time, the better we understand that fact.

Never sell a real estate if you have one. You can lease it, make profits out of it, but never sell it. Therefore, there is your obligation to possess at least one real estate, in order to make a living out of it. That is the meaning of our lives. House, is not something for sale. And the reality is you have to spend your lifetime if needed to make some for your convenience. Because, quite frankly one or the other way we become older.

If your government takes care of you, good. If not, go by yourself. You are not limited by that government and are not obligated to pay a single dime to the budget. So, let them pay their debts all by themselves. Focus on yourself and keep moving.

You never know

There are all sorts of people and obstacles are coming along the way that you never know. Even though the plans might look appealing from the first sight, in reality things might turn over completely different as we never expect they would. That’s a payback time from your past actions. Something perhaps was missed from your sight, or you cheated that severely so it came out now. Nothing is left untraced.

And if something goes wrong in your present days contrary to your attempts to improve your state, it means you committed something bad in the past, either in this or present life. All you can do is to perform actions. By only actions you can change the life of yours and lives of others.

Just keep moving towards your goal, despite all disinformation and fake ideas presented by the naysayers. Weakness comes along to those who are passive in nature and do nothing. You have nothing in this life, but the ability to keep moving. Never give up on what you are doing. Actions bring power. Consistent actions transform you as a person into power. No matter how right or wrong you are among the group, powerful person will always be attracted to the powerful society.

And those who are powerful are always right. It just works like magnet nature. With your consistent actions you bring yourself to the right place. The place that you deserve to inhabit in. The place that you no longer need to take care of. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone distract you from your accomplishments. Because this is how people get destroyed, once they start doubting. We as people just perform our tasks and duties, of what we feel is right and necessary. All the talks on that are useless.

All disasters and misfortunes happen here due to inability to understand one simple but harsh fact. If something once was cheap to sell, later on it becomes expensive. And vice verse, once something was expensive, later can become cheap. There is a certain time and moment for everything to shine in this life. Exaggerating and overrating things ends up with frustration.

Hence, you take things slowly at a time without rushing. Since, all of us more or less are sellers here, you just have to wait when the right time comes. What to do if you can’t wait? Wait. Sell something else. Focus on your goals. How to accomplish your goals? Get to the certain waves and vibes that are regulated by the house of nature. The positive vibes and live stream.

The positive live stream

If you want to succeed in life or elsewhere, you have to be in the right time and the right place. It is only provided by the positive live stream. The natural flow of success, truth and prosperity are coming along the one way and only in one direction. And you have to come up with it in order to succeed. That one direction is created by actions and commitment. Persistent and cognitive actions create that zone. They create those conditions and atmosphere where everything wants to coexist in harmony. The truth comes up with the positive live stream. But, it doesn’t mean the truth will walk over it. The truth will only hit harder later on.

Positive live stream tends to happen in the places with the solid consistent background for that. The highest forms of life create that zone. Such places in return pays back. It resonates with entire cosmos and get along with it. Everything that goes under the positive live stream exists in prosperity. Positive live stream creates perfect conditions for economy and success. You will have to be able to catch up with it in order to succeed. Life becomes joyful, and that becomes the meaning of it.

Everyone is happy there, where everyone is responsible. If you want to experience only positive flow in your life, then you have to irrevocably accept the universal natural truth of respecting the life forms and admit the power of the truthful and undeniable matters of exchangeable relations. It means you get what you give. And you give what you get, just like how taxes work. The views on life must be right without trying to trick someone coming after you.

All the misfortune and bad luck happens, because we were at the wrong time and wrong place. Despite that, we still have a chance to prove ourselves earlier when we had a chance. If we blow it, we totally deserve our fate. It happens with people who believes they will be young forever, or had been mistreated by the public to behave certain way. In both examples people know what they are doing. One or the other way, the life is paying us back of what we accumulated earlier.

If you didn’t invest into your life, do not expect the life to treat you nicely after all. Egoism and ignorance will leave you with nothing but frustration and disappointment, where you will try to trick yourself that everything is fine. No matter how hard you will try to keep yourself in a delusional state, the facts and realities of life will beat you harder and harder until the moment when you realize your miserable tactics and accept the failure. The truth will be spoken. Nothing is hidden today.

Accept the reality

Do not hide from facts. Face them and challenge them instead. Speak up about them, so the cosmos will hear you. Say loudly and let them know what you don’t like. At least, you have said it in case something goes wrong.

This is the best way to figure out whether you will survive here or not. Sometimes it may cost our lives, but hey, the whole life is a challenge. The sooner you accept the tough reality, the better for you. Reality is something that we don’t expect to experience on ourselves. But, it is worth looking through from the very childhood when we are welcomed to this world.

We all had been born on this planet as a part of it, we will go down the same way and we are the part of it’s success and the upraise either. The planet goes is success. So do we. Quit denying things. Accept reality and things and forgive them. Let them put you to your right place where you belong. Just relieve yourself from frustration and feel the joy of presence. Accept your reality, and reality will accept you in return.

Accomplished life appears when you don’t have to worry about it, when you accept reality. Everything must have been set on, to let you flow effortlessly and joyfully. However, this is not the case fro everybody. Ignorant and brazen people do not move an inch towards their goals. They start all over again, even though by acknowledging the time has been wasted. Nothing is wasted or gone. Fate is fixed above each individual.

Fate is fixed

Everyone deserves its fate. Nobody will escape it. Fate is something that will resonate with each individual separately. One will enjoy or suffer his life despite of attempts, actions and occasions that had been applied by him, and depending on the background. If a person is suffering all around from occasions and misfortune, then he’s definitely missing something from his sight. Or perhaps did something really bad. And the more one is ignorant about it, the more he will suffer. Fate is fixed differently for each person.

How to know your fate

Unnecessary things are coming along the path surprisingly and forming the final picture of what it is going to be there.

Such things are the form of payback for committed actions, or inactions. Fate is fixed even by there. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to perform at all. Everyone is trying to achieve their dreams by committing actions. However, sometimes there is always someone who will stay in front of you, an obstacle.

No matter how a certain group of people will try to demoralize and destabilize a person from success, he will find it anyway if that’s his fate. It is just a matter of time. No can affect someone’s life, even if the price is too high. Fate is fixed, everyone will get what they deserve. Eventually there is a light at the end of a tunnel.

Continue to live

Struggling in life happens with those who disregarded simple, but obvious truths hidden behind, whatever has been encountered on. And such occasions teach you to fix those mistakes accordingly. Once, you learn the lesson, there goes the next level lesson, and everything becomes way easier. Continue to it. If life is throwing you severe, hard and unbearable conditions that is hard to explain even in today’s ignorant world, continue to live.

Because this is your fate and payback to return. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel. Through the actions we can prove that we worth what we aimed for. Never give up on what you wanted and do what you feel is right and necessary.